Hello, my name is Gia and I'm a former high fashion runway model. I guess you could say I'm the girl that you've admired from a distance but never thought you could have; I just wish you would have asked. Everything about me is natural and I take pride in knowing that I stand out from all the rest.

I have a passion for travel. I've now found my way to beautiful Berlin and this is where I'm currently based. Because I travel a lot, you'll often find me in Hamburg, as well as Munich by appoitment, or wherever someone might entice me to be. I can be so easily swayed for the right person.

If my friends were to describe me, they would probably say I was intelligent, engaging, perceptive, curious, and fun. I personally view myself as laid back, relaxed, silly, and yet sincere. It's certainly not about the conquest for me, but the journey.